becoming popular online

This post right here will outline the ways to becoming important online or as they say it now a days a social celebrity. So we will be covering how to get over shyness, how to set up an account on Facebook and other social media websites, and how to setup your own website. So follow us on a journey to becoming the person you always wish to be and transforming you, yes YOU from an social leopard to a Internet superstar.


Ok step 1 you might ask “but where do I began?” Will you began with making a Facebook, twitter, and a Instagram. How can you be a Internet celeb without having any social media accounts.  So if you haven’t already created your Facebook user account The same with twitter add friends and ask them to follow you back you also you can use hash tag that works for getting followers…. Or use to get people to follow you that’s how I started the hole goal of the story is to use ur superstar fame you got from the Internet to make money I build a site humorous pictures site and I’m having my follower support me and when you have supporter how much money you can make is end list. So work hard and keep trying you will become that Internet superstar you want to be to get more follow me on twitter @pikcams or visit my site  cool pictures  or like us on Facebook thank for you time hope to make some new friends

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