Entertain yourself: casino games that play into your hands

Image by tedmurphy 

We’ve all got our favourite sports, TV shows, films, music and other forms of entertainment. When it comes to getting our kicks, we normally either turn on the TV, get out a book, head out to a gig or go to the big match. It makes sense. What a lot of people don’t tend to realise, though, is that there are a number of online casino games out there that offer both the excitement of your favourite forms of entertainment and all the fun of the slots in one place!

So, what sort of slots games are we talking about? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, shall we?

1/ Football

It probably comes as no surprise that the most popular sport on the planet can be found on online casino tables across the internet. But, just in case you weren’t aware, now you are! In fact, there are so many different variations on this particular theme that, if you weren’t careful, you could end up getting engrossed and end up missing the results. It is probably best to play these in pre-season in that case!

2/ Horse Racing

Everyone loves a flutter on the gee-gees and, thanks to the triumph of tech, there’s no need to don your thickest jacket and deepest pockets to experience a taste of the track! Most online casinos offer small minimum bets and today’s simulators are so advanced that it can sometimes feel like you’re watching the real thing. If you’re into your horse racing then you’ll definitely be into these games.

3/ Aliens

People have always been transfixed by the thought of alien life being out there. From Close Encounters of the Third Kind to The X-Files and everything in between it is why this genre of films and TV programmes have been so successful. It is also why they continue to dominate the small and large screens. When it comes to the casino screens, these games are just as enticing, with all the action-packed adventure and suspense you could possibly want. Expect lots of flying saucers, eerie sounds, lights and plenty of special effects. Who would be disappointed by that?

4/ Bingo

If you’re into your bingo, nothing quite beats being able to shout ‘full house’ before anyone else. The problem is, the bingo halls aren’t always open. However, online casinos are, meaning you can watch out for one little duck, ride the Brighton Line and even bang on the drum in the comfort of your own home whenever you feel like it. Hey, you can even shout ‘full house’ if you want (just keep the noise down if you’ve got neighbours!).

5/ Ancient History

Another firm favourite that has stuck around for as long as most of us can remember. The Romans, Ancient Greeks, Mayans and, of course, the Ancient Egyptians – everyone has their favourite historical civilisation. We watch TV shows and films that cover their story (truthfully or not), films that do the same thing, and even learn about them at school. It is one of only a few classes some of us enjoyed! There are so many casino games out there that are centred around these subjects that you’ll almost definitely have seen a few out there already. And when you do find one that you love, it’s pretty difficult to tear yourself away!

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