Gaming in Your Social Network

Social gaming is a continuously growing trend that lets players connect with friends from across the room or around the world. In an age where fewer people are spending time with their acquaintances face to face, social games that allow you to connect through online networks are more popular than ever.

Words with Friends – Never-ending Scrabble

Words with Friends is basically the same game as Scrabble. The difference is that you can play anytime and anywhere through the app. Words with Friends games can go on for days or weeks, with each player making his next move at his own convenience. This is a great little time waster that fits in conveniently with your own schedule. It’s fun for players of all ages and offers an intellectual challenge where other games often fall flat.

Draw Something – Artistic Hilarity

You don’t have to have stellar drawing skills to play Draw Something, but a little creativity will certainly help. In this game, players must depict the given word or phrase in a picture while the opponent tries to guess what it is. Sure, there are some lazy players who will simply write out the word, but for those who play by the rules, this game has lots of hilarious and entertaining potential.

Farmville – Bringing Agriculture to the City Dweller

Thanks to Farmville, even the most urban of people can play at raising crops and livestock. Of course the game progresses with less work and more speed than any live agricultural efforts, but this only makes it more appealing in today’s world of instant gratification. Like other Facebook games, this requires a lot of help and interaction from other players for major success.

Mafia Wars – Crime Never Looked so Good

If you secretly aspire to a life as a mob boss ruling your own underworld of crime, Mafia Wars will appeal to you. Players access this social media game through Facebook and recruit friends to help them build their criminal networks. Though the user interface is overwhelmingly simple, this game draws players in and keeps them coming back for the next job.

Casino Games – The Thrill of Vegas from the Comfort of Your Couch

Through the Internet and various apps, players can engage friends in online slots, poker, blackjack, and more. Any player who appreciates the thrill of classic casino games will enjoy the interactive atmosphere available through social gaming opportunities. Thanks to these online offerings, you no longer need to plan a weekend away to enjoy the casino experience.

World of Warcraft – The Classic Lives On

World of Warcraft was one of the earliest contenders in social gaming. The first version of the game debuted in 1994 and the franchise is still going strong today. This complex game allows you to assume a completely new identity as you explore a fantasy world with friends.

If you’re looking for some exciting new ways to connect with your friends, social gaming has plenty of options for you to explore. Just log in, reach out to your buddies, and see where the fun takes you.

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