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PC, Console and Mobile Gaming: The Ultimate Showdown for Gamers

If you are an avid gamer, this is a debate you must have found yourself in; which is the best gaming platform? Well, gamers are an intense lot and you know in this debate you will have to take sides to defend your best platform. Nevertheless, you will agree that evolving technologies on all platforms are making gaming more exciting than ever. With more stable broadband, playing online games has become more efficient. If you are looking to upgrade your playing platform, why not look at what each has to offer?

Here you go:


The PlayStation by Sony and the Xbox by Microsoft are the main players here, though Wii users will cite Nintendo also deserves a mention. When it comes to innovation, especially during upgrades, the PC cannot beat the console. Party games such as Shadow of the Colossus are also higher quality and with better perks including bonuses when you purchase games consoles are a big deal for gamers. When playing on consoles, it is an easy process because you just need to insert a disc or download the game and voila! You are ready to play. The console is also versatile and provides for a more social gaming experience. Consider, for instance, sitting on your sofa with friends and playing your favorite game.

Consoles are not ideal for people who want to interchange games because that would mean buying all consoles in the market. It is thus more expensive. If you are looking for tweaks, consoles are also not better than PC and what’s more, you can only use a console for gaming and no other purpose.

PC Gaming

This is considered the ultimate gaming experience and for many good reasons. It might not have that social aspect if you want to game with friends, but then you can connect online. Another benefit is the fact that it has better and clear graphics coupled with performance. Having amazing graphics, great PC speakers and unlimited games will give you a completely immersive gaming experience. It’s this experience that will bring out a lot of different emotions whilst playing online games. For mods and tweaks, the PC is a winner and if you are looking for fair game process, the PC wins hands down. PCs are also perfect for other non-gaming functions.

However, there is a catch because computer games are not easy to play. In addition, graphic cards are expensive if you want to enjoy better quality playing. With time, PC manufacturers upgrade their machines and replacing is an expensive affair.

Mobile Gaming

This is still a gray area because most Smartphone manufactures are racing against time to provide enough data storage and interactive IUs. One advantage of mobile gaming is the fact that you have your games with your everywhere you go. You can play online or download games for future playing. There is a wide range of low-cost games available to everyone.

However, the pros end there because every gamer wants a more sophisticated game when they go online. They also want scintillating graphics and mobile phones are not yet giving this.

There you have it; so many options to choose from and more games coming through. Whichever platform you choose to play on the bottom-line is that you enjoy the experience.

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