Top Android and iPad apps

Possessing the ability to browse the Internet, connect with friends on social network sites, watch endless movies and listen to millions of songs, tablets are starting to revolutionise home entertainment.

What’s more, these portable touchscreen devices with impressive power specifications are also capable of creating important work documents and increasing productivity.

However, tablets are also fun for the whole family, with a wide range of interactive and educational games available on both Android and iOS platforms. With content suitable for all ages, here are some of the apps available for both young and old.

VidaYum – Grow Time Veggies

Concerned with addressing issues of health and wellness through entrainment, VidaYum is a company specialising in online family games. Aiming to inspire and nurture development, Grow Time Veggies is just one of the company’s interactive titles. Children help a farmer to sow seeds and grow crops, but also find out about the nutritional properties of vegetables.

Steamy Window

The title of this particular app is fairly self-explanatory. The tablet’s display becomes a window covered in condensation, with water moving once you wipe the fog away. Clever features include water drops running down the screen just like real life, and hot steam appearing when you blow into the microphone.

Endless Alphabet

Really simple and straightforward to use, even the youngest child will be able to have fun, make words and learn spellings. Animated letters and characters engage inquisitive minds while word definitions increase the app’s educational properties.


Created for teenagers and adolescents, HomeWork aims to increase levels of organisation and help manage assignment deadlines. Young adults can schedule homework and lessons, set reminders and plan for exam revision. An incredibly intuitive interface means time won’t be wasted either.

Toy Story Read Along

One of the most popular animated motion pictures of all time is now available on tablet devices. A fully interactive experience with games, movie clips, colour pages and sing-along tunes, kids even have the opportunity to record their own narration.

Trivial Pursuit

Although older generations might have the upper hand, all members of the family can increase their knowledge on geography, entertainment, history, arts and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure. Everyone should remember it’s just a game though, as household disputes can get a little heated.

Classic Simon

A timeless game that everyone can enjoy, users have to repeat colours and sounds in the correct order. Even though you are sure to play for hours on end, Classic Simon can improve hand eye coordination and build up memory.

Elmo Loves ABCs for iPad

Even kids of today can learn from and love Elmo with this entertaining app. In addition to identifying letters, learning their sounds and how to draw them, toddlers can play with 75 colouring pages and watch 80 Sesame Street clips including the classic alphabet song.

Angry Birds

There isn’t much you can learn from Rovio Entertainment’s all conquering app, however Angry Birds is still the game of choice for Android and iPad users, regardless of age. Catapult a wide variety of birds into the bad piggies and retrieve golden eggs,

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