Gambling Addiction: Treatment and Therapy

Gambling Addiction: Treatment and Therapy

Gambling obsession is a very severe issue among the young and middle age groups. Many people have fallen prey to it and have lost everything. But like all other addictions, there are various treatments to cure gambling addiction. Let’s see all the measures we can take.

Self Help is The Best Help

The most important step to treat gambling addiction is to realize and accept the fact that you are a gambling addict, and you need help. Once you have realized this, you can take several measures yourself, like

  • Join a Support Group: There are several support groups online forums where you can share your story and receive help.
  • Peer Support: Make new friends, talk to new people, and surround yourself with positive people. Let your family and friends support you.
  • Treat Underlying Disorders: Treat your underlying disorders like anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and stress to improve your mental health.
  • Go for Healthier Alternatives: Go for Exercising, Boxing, learning music, and hobbies instead of gambling.

Dealing with Gambling Cravings

Once you start cutting down your gambling addiction, you will get really bad gambling cravings. Here is how to deal with these cravings.

  • Distract Yourself: Distract yourself by doing something else like playing football, exercising, running, etc.
  • Do Not Isolate Yourself: Surround yourself with people and communicate with them when the craving hits you.
  • Postpone Gambling: Train your mind to postpone gambling by delaying it for some time and then again delaying it.
  • Think About All The Good Things: Think about all the good things and blessings in your life. Fight your cravings for the people you love.

Gambling Addiction Treatments and Therapy

There are various treatments for gambling addiction, depending on the severity. Talk to your doctor about different kinds of treatment.

  • Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy: This therapy will provide you tools to fight the urges. It concentrates on developing unhealthy gambling habits and philosophies. It will also help you to solve financially, work-related, and relationship problems faced because of gambling.
  • Treatment for Underlying Conditions: Therapy and medications will be provided to deal with underlying problems like anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, ADHD, etc.
  • Rehab Programs or Residential Treatments: This treatment is for severely addicted people who cannot be left on their own.
  • Family Therapy and Marriage, Career, or Credit Counseling: This treatment helps you to repair your strained relationship with your family, partner, and your friends.

These are some treatments and therapy to cure gambling addiction.

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