The most common no deposit bonus myths are finally debunked

The most common no deposit bonus myths are finally debunked

Here are the craziest free spins without deposit and no deposit myths we have ever heard. Read this material, because it’s time to put an end to this misunderstanding regarding the online casino bonuses.

Casinos that give you free spins without deposit are scams! What? The online casinos are amazing because they offer no deposit bonuses unlike the ground casinos? Ok, that’s even weirder to believe that you believe. But, here’s what – we have a whole bunch of other common no deposit bonus myths. And we are here to finally debunk them all. Let’s get started right now, because the virus of misinform is tougher than any other…

  • To get the best of a no deposit bonus you should simply choose the casino that offers the higher amount of the bonus. Let’s check out something. Imagine you have a dilemma regarding two betting websites. The first one offers 50 USD no deposit bonus, while the other’s no deposit bonus is 200 USD. The logical reaction is to select the second website, but the gambling mind will select the first one. Do you know why? Because the gambling mind is aware of the no deposit bonus policy. According to this policy, the bigger the bonus is the higher the wager requirements are.
  • The no deposit bonus is the only way to test a certain casino’s portfolio. By all means, this promotion is the best one. However, a lot of gambling platforms are oriented to the so called newbies in the casino sphere. These platforms include big FAQ sections, tutorials for the novices and free modes for almost all of the available games. Hence, don’t get it wrong – wining in a free mode doesn’t bring you any cash, but only experience.
  • When you reach the moment to play the winning bonus amount, it’s better to make as low stakes as possible. Indeed, this approach is kind of risk-free. However, if you have a short deadline to meet the no deposit wager requirements, you might never succeed in playing the whole amount without a delay. The best recommendation in this case and according to the specialists is to play on averagely risky games with modest stakes.
  • The no deposit bonus is cash that’s credited in your account balance after completing successfully the registration process in an online casino. Indeed, if you are not a customer in a betting house, don’t expect it to make you a gift. Because basically this betting house “doesn’t know” you. You are not in its database. However, the no deposit bonus might be a gift that’s different from simple cash. For instance, free spins without deposit are welcome no deposit gifts, too. Though, you don’t receive money, but the chance to make a couple of free spins on certain or on any slot game you like.

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