Why You Should Always Choose Banker Bet In Online Baccarat?

Why You Should Always Choose Banker Bet In Online Baccarat?

This page discusses the feasibilities of three major betting options in online baccarat and expresses why wagering on the banker’s hand is always a preferable option.

Have you ever gone through any articles on online baccarat strategy? You will always find them preferring banker bets over every other betting option. You might think that betting on a player’s hand is always a better wagering strategy, as there’s no need to provide the 5% commission that winning banker bets demand.

Yet, let’s say, despite the presence of that commission in a banker’s bet, the player’s bet falls to be an underdog in front of it. So, now let’s ask the most crucial question. Why banker’s bets are that much preferable?

Find your answers in the following sections.

Why Should You Wager on Banker’s Hand?

When you play baccarat online, placing your stake on the banker means you speculate that this hand will score more than the player’s hand and reach closest to the score of 9. Now, voting the banker’s hand, you will be alongside more substantial odds and have an advantage over the house. If you listen to the math, the banker’s hand has the highest winning rate. It pays out 46% of the time. Furthermore, tie bets are known for pushing. Therefore, this percentage reaches a massive 51% for banker’s hands. 

However, the casino will charge a 5% commission upon winning with a banker’s bet. But, despite it, you will only have to deal with a mere 1.06% house edge.

Why Shouldn’t You Wager on Player’s Hand?

Nobody is saying that wagering on the player’s hand is wrong, especially when you can enjoy a house edge of 1.24% even with it. However, this house edge ranks the second-best if you consider the banker’s one. Also, the difference of 0.18% might not bother you much, and you might want to shuffle your stakes between banker and player whenever you want. Now, if you look at the winning rate player’s hand, it’s a bit less than the banker’s hand, 45%.

But is there any particular need to sacrifice even 0.01% when a better opportunity is right before you?

Why Shouldn’t You Wager on Tie Bets?

You will shift yourself from intentions of going with the ties right after discerning the adversities attached. A tie bet pays out in less than 10% of the rounds played. A 14.36% house edge is what you need to drag with your betting venture while playing online baccarat. It’s an occasion when the game delivers an 8-to-1 payout.

Yes, the house edge will descend to 4.84% when the payout is 9-to-1. But, please compare it with the house edges that the banker or player proffer to punters. It’s close to four times.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know everything the three major types of bets in online baccarat can provide you with. Hence, the only thing in front of you wagering real money on this game yourself is learning the straightforward rules of it and enlisting yourself in a reputed online casino unless you are a user of one already.

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