10 things we hate about gambling

10 things we hate about gambling

Here are the things we hate about gambling, but will not find in daftar lapak303. Find out what many casinos annoy us with.

Don’t get us wrong. We actually love gambling. We believe the online options to place sport bets and play casino games are amazing. But it’s in people’s nature to always find some cons in everything, including in things like gambling. And today, we want to share with you what we hate about gambling. To be more specific, there are ten things we definitely dislike about gambling.

  1. The dealers who are always not in a mood. Of course, it’s their job to be stone faced, but there are quite a lot of rude croupiers we definitely don’t like in ground casinos. Thankfully, if you daftar lapak303 and play safe online casino games, you cannot meet the mad face of a dealer.
  2. Aggressive players. We don’t mean the poker players, who play aggressively. Aggressive poker strategy is a must in many cases. We mean those gamblers, who swear all the time in the ground casinos, as well as in the small online gambling platform live chat window.
  3. Unknown “casino gurus” who tell us how to play. We always appreciate tricks and tips coming from experienced players. But there are a lot among them, who show nothing, but an averagely good play style.
  4. The regular changes in online gambling laws. Once and for all, could you, please, dear authorities, sit down and think off some unified and fundamental rules to follow, because we, the players get confused all the way long through our betting experience?
  5. Negative customer support feedback. We hate it, because in 90% of the cases it’s telling bad words about reputable gambling houses with no reasonable evidence, but due to a bug in the system that’s kind of a normal thing, right?
  6. The casinos with limited assortment of games. Ok, you make a registration and spend a couple of more minutes to download the company’s app, then you even make a decent deposit to get the bonus and even meet all of the bonus requirements, to eventually get an offer of up to 4 games. And that’s all! Not, it’s not enough for us.
  7. Speaking of bonuses, we also hate the annoying welcome and deposit bonus wager requirements. Not all of them are so bad, but there are plenty of casinos with impossible to meet wager requirements.
  8. Blackjack pros, who believe that they are amazing in every casino game. As a matter of fact, guys, Blackjack is the easiest card game ever. And no, you have no right to claim to be a casino mater if you have mastered only Blackjack gameplay.
  9. Bookmakers with national leagues only. It’s good to support the local sport disciplines, but the big money is usually in the odds for the international sport events like the Championship League in football.
  10. Customer support service that’s not 24/7. Is there any guarantee for not facing an issue after working time? No, there’s not.

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