Speed Up Your Winning Amount Withdrawals From Casinos

Speed Up Your Winning Amount Withdrawals From Casinos

In online casinos, the withdrawal method of your winnings has come a long way from checks and bank transfers to cards and e-wallets, the latest being Bitcoin.

When you opt for a banking method in an online casino, this method decides the time slot essential for redeeming your winning amounts. A third-party service provider governs every banking method, and the online casino has no control over the method.

The various payment methods in an online casino are the following.

Bank Transfer

This is a very favorite method of payment. The security of money in this method is at a high level. Compared to other bank transactions, the amount of money in an online casino transaction is relatively lower. The time slot needed to complete the bank transfer varies based on who is being paid.


In Europe, the most famous method is transferring money through debit cards and credit cards. Compared with e-wallets, this method’s speed is a bit lesser. Generally, approximately three to five days are essential to transfer the money from the online casino to your bank account.


This virtual wallet holds an intermediate position between the online casino and your bank account. The most frequently used e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. The first two types of e-wallets are marked by a withdrawal time slot of fewer than 60 minutes in most transactions. Gamblers typically avoid using the PayPal method due to stringent transaction regulations. If you want to select a payment method with speed as the top priority, the optimum choice is an e-wallet.


This payment method is superior to e-wallets concerning features such as speed of transactions, security, and costs. Presently, this method is not used very frequently in online casinos. The optimistic side is that a few online casinos have begun their transactions using Bitcoin; hopefully, this count will rise shortly.


In this method, the online casino has to write the check and send it by courier. After getting the check, you must deposit it in the bank and display patience by waiting for it to be cleared. This is an extended process that demands a large time slot. The entire process from dispatching the check from the online casino to the money getting credited to your bank account, takes two weeks. In today’s fast-paced era, almost nobody is willing to wait so long, so you should avoid this payment method.

Become Eligible for Withdrawals

Irrespective of the payment method, an online casino must fetch documents from you before sanctioning a payout. The documents are your proof of residence (a Utility bill or statement), photo proof ID (the National Security Card, passport, or National ID), and a copy of your credit card or debit card.

In the case of these cards, share both sides while hiding the middle numbers on the front of the card and the 3-digit security number. It eliminates the possibility of any fraudulent use of the card. After submitting these documents, you can log in to ib888, a Thai online casino reputed for a wide gamut of games you can play with reliable security.

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