10 Poker superstitions from all around the world – Part 2

10 Poker superstitions from all around the world – Part 2

Find out some cool stories about luck rituals and superstitions practiced offline and in poker ace99. Discover how different players at a poker table use different ways to ask the fortune give them more success and wins.

In the previous material we have presented for you the first part of some strange, ordinary and totally wonderful stories about superstitions and beliefs about luck in the field of online and offline poker playing. Well, there are some more things we have to share with you. So don’t stop reading and meet the rest entitles in our list with the ten most popular poker superstitions from all around the world, guys:

Blowing on the dice

How can this happen if you play a poker game? There’s a story about an old poker pro who used to go round the casinos in Vegas looking only for Omaha and Blackjack tables. He believed that blowing on the dice brought him happiness and asked someone from the roulette table to provide him such a chance per any visit. According to the story, if in a certain casino this poker player could have not found a chance to blow on the dice, he just left it.

Indian magician spells

The magic spell might be a thing from your son’s fairy tale book only, but not exactly. There was a group of poker enthusiasts who were extremely good in Texas Hold Em, but never succeeded in making a big win. One day they decided to ask for some help from Indian spiritual people. There was an old Indian who told them to tell a magic spell. Guess what, on their first three games, 5 from this poker group made a huge breakthrough.

Wear your red clothes

In some cultures red is the color of luck. This is why you might see a lot of people in the casino with a red dress, tie or even a small handkerchief.

Using the coin to make a wish

We’ve heard a story from the online poker audience about a superstition, too. An enthusiast from poker ace99 has shared with us that one day he found out about the ritual to toss a coin and make a wish. It was nothing to do with poker, but he decided to test it in the website. This player still doesn’t know whether the betting house was the one to blame, or the ritual, but the coin indeed, turned his dream into true – to register a great and fast win in a poker cash game.

What about you? Do you have your own poker ritual you are doing every time you want to bring more luck into your experience whether online or offline? Don’t share it. Keep it for yourself. We might only wish the ritual to really work for you.

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