Incredible lottery winners’ stories

Incredible lottery winners’ stories

Read these unbelievable lottery stories while waiting the totobet results in to get some relaxation from gambling. They might give you some good lessons.

Biting your nails in that tense moment, while you are waiting to see if your lotto tickets bought from will appear lucky enough to let you quit your job? These moments are indeed quite stressful and we strongly recommend you to get the best of that waiting time and turn it into a pleasant period in your lottery activity. Instead of feeling that stress, why don’t you read some entertaining materials to cheer you up?

Today, we have made one for you. You can use it to kill some time before the next totobet winner becomes clear (we truly hope it’s going to be you). Here are some crazy, unbelievable, incredible, but totally true and real stories told by some of the biggest lottery winners of all time.

The sad Atwood story

In the early years of the 21st century Mr. Atwood, a man at his 70s, won in a lottery. He god so excited that he could not wait longer than ten minutes after hearing his numbers drawn on the TV live, and went immediately to the supermarket from where he purchased the lucky piece of paper. Unfortunately, a truck was driving by Atwood’s house and since the old guy was wearing dark clothes and made a wrong action to outstrip the vehicle, he was hit and died in the hospital just few hours after finding out he’s rich.

The wrong suicide

In the 1995th year a guy from England found that he after winning in the lottery he missed out the deadline to validate his ticket. This winner was so unhappy to be so absent-minded that could not go through it and committed a suicide. It turned out that this person did not win anything. The ticket indeed expired, but there were two missing numbers for him to become the winner of the lottery.

The luckiest unlucky person

Ok, there were no happy totobet stories to kill some time till no, so here’s one for you. Meet one Croatian guy, who was so unlucky during all of his business trips. In 8 of his 10 international business trips he appeared in accidents – he was hit by a car, he was also flying in a plane that eventually crashed with 19 victims and he even traveled in a train that burst into fires before the arrival. One day our Croatian guy just decided never to overtake such a trip, but from his office claimed that there was no one else to go. The trip was to Australia and the guy has some really bad feeling about it. Although he was scared, he bought a lotto ticket before the plane departed. Did you know what happened? There were no accidents and the ticket made this guy a millionaire.

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