Origin of Gambling

Origin of Gambling

Gambling is not a modern thing. It goes way back to early human civilization. From all the historical evidence, it is clear that humans started gambling around or before 40000 B.C. The early forms of gambling were simple and easy. However, with the passing of the years, people started inventing new forms of gambling.

Let’s see how and when it all started

• Dice (40000 B.C.)

The first mention of dice was around 500 B.C. in the writings of the great Greek poet Sophocles. Discovery of a pair of dice in an Egyptian tomb dating back to 3000 B.C. It is clear that even before that, Ancient Greeks and Romans loved to gamble with dice.

• Keno and White Pigeon Ticket (2000 B.C.)

“Baige Piao” was an Ancient Chinese game in which Keno slips were used. “Baige Piao” means White Pigeon. This game relates to the connection of tickets with Pigeons.

• Ancient Greece Gambling (300 B.C)

Despite criticism, the ancient Greeks enjoyed playing dice.

• Roman Superstition (0 B.C)

The Romans used to play games of chances to know danger and welfare as per superstition.

• Playing Cards (500 A.D.)

The Chinese and Korean started playing cards made of paper and silk during the 6th century.

• Baccarat (14th Century)

2 player card games quickly became famous in Italy, France and then throughout Europe.

• Lotteries (16th Century)

Lottery became a popular sport in unloading unsold goods in Genoa and Venice. It became popular all over Europe.

• First Gambling Place in Italy (1638)

First gambling house ‘” Ridotto” was built in Venice.

• Gambling in America (17th and 18th Century)

Although the society did not accept it in the beginning, it soon became famous.

• Casino, Horseracing and Poker(19th Century)

New Orleans became the gambling capital where people started playing Poker and Horseracing became the favourite gambling sport in the south.

• Hazard and Craps (1807)

It is a European Dice game which became very famous in New Orleans.

• The first slot machine (1895)

Charles Fey built slot Machines

• El Rancho Vegas “Sin City”(1941)

It was a brick and mortar casino club in the middle of Nevada desert. It gave rise to the building of The Strip.

• Las Vegas (the 1950s)

Las Vegas became the gambling hub.

• Online Gambling (1994)

Microgaming began to develop online gaming software which led to online gambling through the web.

• Mobile Gambling (2020)

You can now gamble online through your smartphones. We don’t know what the future holds for gambling. Virtual gambling can be the next step.

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