Fundamental poker principles of all times

Fundamental poker principles of all times

Meet the most old-fashioned but still effective tactics in idn poker. Find out more details about the best practices in poker we have been using for ages.

Although there are many poker formats, there are also golden rules you can apply in the game. Whether you are playing Texas Hold Em poker in physical casinos on a regular basis or you prefer online idn poker Omaha tables, the following fundamental principles have been tested through the years and we can confidently say they work. Do not hesitate to apply each of them in your own game, too.

Always put your plans ahead of anything else

Moreover – always plan ahead! Poker is about long-term goals rather than being happy for all the short-term small successes. We don’t say having small wins on a regular basis is not a source of joy and a reason to believe you are progressing. We are saying that without long-term goals you are cursing yourself to remain an average player till the rest of your poker life.

Stick to the principle of the river

And first of all, get to know it. In most cases, you are not in a bluff, right? This means that your personal reason to place a bet on the river is basically due to your desire to entice a certain call from a certain competitor at the table. This competitor is supposed to be with a hand for which you suppose that cannot be better than yours. Hence, the idea in this case is to make a small raise rather than provoke the player with an all in button.

In order to survive at the poker table, you should learn how to adapt

The principle of adaptation is the way we become better within the years. Remember the rule for the long-term goals? Adaptation is the way we take to fulfill these long-term goals. By adapting to the situation we mean to at first be focused on what’s going on at poker table and then to consider what the best decision we can make in correlation with the specific cards we’ve got.

Consider every lost opportunity for a win as a loss

It’s the same. Whether you are going to make a reasonable risk, or you are going to make a wrong approach into bluffing and eventually lose everything, it’s a form of a loss. The losses, though, should never be understood as sins. They must tell you those Dos and Don’ts in poker to stick to in future.

The reason why we lose in poker is usually the lack of capability to manage the risk

The risk is something we should always thing about no matter what casino game we play, including what poke format we prefer. Some pros calculate it as an odd, while others work with probabilities. In all cases, risk is not just about the determination. It’s also about the way we are able to manage it.

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