Top prejudices that make you a worse poker player

Top prejudices that make you a worse poker player

See some of the top common biases that worsen your agen idn poker game. Find out how to become a better gambler right away.

We are all affected by the common and popular biases in life. But it seems that different prejudices might have a negative impact on our poker game, too. Although poker players are believed to be immunized against gambling superstitions, unlike the rest gamblers by the way, there are still beliefs and misconceptions that can spoil your poker activity.

If you want to be a better player and to achieve more in poker games, this material is just right for you. Below we offer you a list with the top prejudices that worsen your poker game. And some of them even make a really potential bad player with no future in this card game:

  1. Everything is ok, when it ends ok. It’s not quite applicable in poker games. Or at least, this golden principle should not be taken under considerations regarding agen idn poker games. Here’s how we can explain it easily: imagine you played a poker cash game for about 3 hours. Within these three hours you have registered plenty of losses, only one win and the rest of your experience was folding, folding and once again folding. At the end, though, something happened and you got lucky to receive the entire pot through the all in button or your bluff just made it to convince the rest players. What you feel in the end of this game is huge satisfaction and you think that you are actually a cool poker player. But as long as you don’t analyze your mistakes in the losses you are not such a poker gambler.
  2. The big illusion of keeping things under control. Many poker players can swear for being in an absolute control of their feelings and the application of their fundamental strategies. But what they don’t know is that every time they lose there’s 80% possibility for the loss to be due to losing control. Having control over your own actions is not a sense you don’t show your emotions or that you are doing things the right away. Actually, control in poker means consistency. That’s all.
  3. Last but not least, we should mention that it is very common for gamblers to believe that poker is a game of skills and that’s all. Yes, we do mean those talented and experienced players, because the truth is that novices still think that poker is a game of luck. Let’s say you something – poker is not a game of skills or/and luck only. In poker there’s a big amount of science. To be more specific, poker does require from the good players to know things about mathematics and statistics. Poker is also about the psychological science. And at some point of your progress in this card game you will have to get deeper into the essence of these scientific fields.

Are you read to become a better poker player! Start with these changes in your attitude to the game!

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