The worst mistakes to avoid as to poker and casino bonuses

The worst mistakes to avoid as to poker and casino bonuses

Have a look at the top popular wargapoker bonus mistakes. See what to be careful about when using a bonus in a poker website.

When you register in a new poker website you are mostly concerned about two things. First of all, you wonder whether the poker rooms will be active and the tables – full enough to get you a chance for a competitive fight against qualitative players. Second of all, of course you will want to know what bonuses the company has prepared for you.

But when a poker player sees a special offers he or she tends to lose his or her mind and eventually, some rooky mistakes might spoil the final pleasure of the gift (if received at all). Like in many other things in poker, as well as in casino games as a whole, gamblers tend to make some really drastic and harsh mistakes. It’s your duty to pay attention at how you approach bonuses. But it’s our obligation to meet you with the most common among them.

Check out some of the most often repeated poker and casino bonus mistakes these days below:

  • Forgetting about claiming for the welcome bonus. Sometimes, the website warns you twice or three times and it’s good news for absent-minded gamblers. In wargapoker you might not lose your chance to get a new account promo, but in other websites, you will have to enter a bonus code. If you don’t remember where you met the website you will not be able to copy the code.
  • Not reading the terms and conditions. Everyone will be surprised when being offered with a 150% deposit bonus. And in 90% of the cases the player will claim it. However, those 10% who will be suspicious are the smart players. They will think off the fact that too good is never good and will see the rules of the bonus as they might be not so profitable at all.
  • Speaking of which, some of the worst rules in a bonus is the wager requirement. Not knowing it and not understanding it is a mistake. Always check out what each poker promo comes with as facts and information. Sometimes, claiming for the bonus might be less profitable for you than neglecting the bonus.
  • Neglecting the bonus system in a website, though, is also a huge mistake. There are players who actually never enter the poker platform Promo page. Some of them don’t even know that there’s such a place. These people might have received their promo offer for a new account. But they don’t even have an idea that the company has other special offers such as reload or cash back bonuses.

Have you ever done any of these poker bonus mistakes? Well, now you know that you should not do any of these things!

Bruce Pena

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